Monday, December 17, 2012

Fall fun

 Brock's birthday party with his besties Aaron and Sarah at the dreaded Chuck-E-Cheese, however it turned out to be fun and super easy!
 Brock's first cavity filling
 Jaxson before braces
 After-he feels so grown up!
 Brock's first tooth came out



 Chem-Dry does Race for the Cure-Theresa from the office joins us!

More summer fun

 June in Denver-
Visiting Taylor working at stake and shake...Sam and Grace gave Megan a nice flowery look

 Day at the lake with cousins

June in Salt Lake City-night before wedding we all got together at the park for ice blocking and food

 day at the mirror lake

 Boise in June- at nature center

 swimming at Hayes' pool in Boise
 Fun at the Boise lake


 Lake Powell in June with our dear friends the Jensens

 Back to Denver in July 
4th of July at the soccer game-Uncle Brendan had all the hook ups!

 back stage passes to meet and greet the half time entertainment

 Again big thanks to Uncle Brendan for tickets to the Rockies suite